O'Driù is about to launch two new fragrances: Leden and Linferno.

Italians use to give in to the temptation before anyone!

"Collezione Genesi": created in 2011, the first, true and original temptation.
A pity, for the other ones.

Human mind has often memory areas that are nothing more than notes or simple data.
These data are often subjectively rethought, but they come from a collective knowledge, from social superstructure or from simple cultural acquisitions.
If it would be possible, metaphorising, “copying and pasting” all these information contained in our mind to reproduce them in reality, we would appear like nihilistic individuals without a goal neither an ethic.
That’s why human being is different from a computer, human being doesn’t copy and paste but works out again, adds and often brings emotions starting from simple points. 
But the source of these notes still is fundamental… Here so that one day, whichever day of the week, the first man and the first woman were born, in the form of an articulated but disarticulated perfume: “Ladamo” (the Adam) and “Leva” (the Eva). 
Was 1st September 2011, when Angelo Orazio Pregoni introduced these new O’Driù fragrances at Pitti Fragranze, and it will be in September 2013 at the same selective perfumery meeting that “Collezione Genesi” will be enriched by two more perfumes: “Leden” (the Eden) and “Linferno” (the Hell).

«When I thought to this collection», Angelo Orazio Pregoni tells, «I’ve tried to copy the God of Genesis! I obviously immediately realised that the “good and bad” topic was a very trite one, and I even wasn’t so sure to be able to avoid the risk of kitsch or -even worst- of caricature. 
So I gave up with God and I copied my neighbor and his wife!
Moreover, to avoid stereotypes I thought my neighbors exactly as they are: two living together individuals!
If someone a day should propose again the topic of Genesis in a fragrance, he would have the disadvantage of not knowing my neighbors. That’s all!» 
So, we just have to wait “Leden” and “Linferno”.


  1. How much do I love him taking the piss out of Kilian Hennessy?

  2. How much do I love him taking the piss out of Kilian Hennessy?

  3. Brilliant visual satire--now I really do want to try his perfume!
    Thanks for this wonderful post, alfarom! ;-)

  4. Agree, Sherapop! O'Driù is definitely something to experience IMO. Very hit-or-miss / love-or-hate type of stuff but 100% genuine. That's for sure.

  5. perfect pic! just brilliant. o'driu's price tag means i will never get to own any of their perfumes but that doesn't stop me from admiring their passion for uniqueness, quirky names, amazing packaging, and 'crazy' ideas of how one should 'experience' perfume. plus their photos. just brilliant (yes, i'm repeating myself).

  6. Yes, Danny, some of their compositions have hefty price-tags but, if you carefully browse in their range, most of them are not pricier than, say, many Amouage or Guerlain exclusives...

  7. hello mr alfarom.
    please update your amazing blog already.