Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Eau de Parfum de George Sand

If you're familiar with the character of George Sand you'll probably realize that this composition by JF Laporte is a real homage to an unconventional lady, responsible of memorable novels as well as being one of the first women to fight for women's rights. Uncompromising yet classic, resolute yet romantic and absolutely unforgettable. And that's exactly how this perfume smells.

A dark opening with a threatening patchouli note joined by rose and contrasted by a strident - yet barely perceptible - bitter citrus. Scary, mysterious but absolutely compelling and somehow familiar. It quickly turns to a very classic sandalwood / patchouli / musk drydown of rare perfection. An incredibly solid composition that's classic in the structure but masterfully orchestrated to perfectly pay homage to one of the most controverisal writer/personality of the '800.

Fans of the most challenging compositions by Mazzolari will dig this...

Rating: 8.5/10

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