Comme Des Garcons Series 6 Synthetic: Garage (Beam me up Scotty)

If the word "garage" brings to your mind of Harley Davidsons, trucks, bycicles, cars or whatever you may have inside your garage, this is NOT for you. Comme Des Garcons rendition of the garage it's definitely more futuristic than a post-seventies motorcycle rider with a long beard and a leather jacket working on his bike. This is more the smell of a maintanance area where they repair and polish aseptic white androids designated as supportive doctors on an interstellar base.

Yes, it smells of grease, oil, traces of kerosene, rubber and various lubricants but it's overall clean, extremly bright and...plasticky. It's a tidy garage, almost aseptic, with metal walls and a clean white floor illuminated by neon lights. Wearable? Probably not as much as the other fragrances in the Synthetic Series yet incredibly compelling and futuristic. More an odour than a proper body fragrance but nonetheless worth experiencing for its unquestionable uniqueness.

Rating: 7.5/10


  1. Hmmm... your description reminds me of my sole encounter with Dior Fahrenheit--minus the masculine sweat!

  2. Shery, whether you'll like it or not, this is something to experience (as well as all the others in the same Series). It's much more than just an exercise in weirdness, it's outsandingly plausible.