Comme Des Garcons Series 6 Synthetic: Tar (Wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der Autobahn)

Tar is actually much less scary than it may sounds. Yes, it smells of pure asphalt and it is somewhat weird but, as usual with Comme Des Garcons, it results wearable, absolutely unique and very distinctive (assuming you're fine with the typical avant-garde aspect of most of the house's deliveries).

Upon application, Tar delivers an industrial accord of black asphalt juxtaposed to a slightly strident note of bergamot. The overall effect is remarkably modern, sort of urban-industrial in a very artistic way, unconventional yet very compelling. In this phase Tar brings to mind of large clean basements, modern art exhibitions at the Hamburger Banhoff, minimal techno parties taking place in ex-warehouses now turned into alternative clubs, brand new modern buildings, high speed trains, cabs, temporary Guerrilla stores, rainy days, wet asphalt. Tokyo, Berlin, New York...

The fragrance evolves into an amazing styrax driven drydown that while being slightly more approachable than the opening, it's still far from resulting conventional. Insensey, woody with just a hint of sweetness and with the typical synthetic facet that's the house's hallmark. Probably not a fragrance to anyone's taste but, if you're up for something really avant-garde, there's nothing like it.

Once again, when it comes to the binomial "weird and wearable", there's nothing like Comme Des Garcons.

Love it!

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Tar is one of my all time favorite perfumes, and I'm very lucky that I snagged a brand new bottle at a little perfume shop in Portland-- they had to spend a couple minutes removing the dust from the bottle. It's likely it's the last I'll ever have of it, which makes me lament the god awful packaging. Evaporation is inevitable.

  2. Truly a great fragrance Carrie. I'm also a strong believer that it's actually much more wearable than they want us to believe...