Le Labo Vetyver 46: Comme Des Labos

Mr.Buxton enters the Comme Des Garcons headquarter bringing a case containing a "prototype" of CDG2MAN. He has a meeting with the art directors at the marketing department. He sits at the round table, opens the case and shows the guys his work.

After testing many microvariations of the same composition they all agree that the best is the one labelled as "No Vetiver". A guy stands up, smell the paperstrip and goes:

- this is almost perfect and we would like to keep the finished product as close as possible to this sample but what about turning the general campfire vibe into something more waxy? I'd like CDG2MAN to have a waxy feel to it, like a burning candle...I love the church-y incense and woody quality we got here but why not to add some vetiver to "No Vetiver"? and what about throwing in a tad of leather as well?

This is perfectly fine with Mr.Buxton who only has a small request:

- I worked several months on "No Vetiver", would you guys mind if I give the original formula you just dismissed to Le Labo? They just asked me for a vetiver based composition...

No objections


Vetyver 46 smells great, but be aware that you can have CDG2MAN (which is even better) at 1/3 the price.

Rating: 7/10

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