Humiecki And Graef Blask: WTF (what's that face?)

I love bizarre, challenging, weird, unpretty, frankeinstein type of fragrances but I'm having an hard time in describing Blask. At H&G they only list 4 notes: Walnut, Red Wine accord, Oud and Bay Leaf and, basically, I don't get any of them....

Here's what I get: Violet (sweet, srort of candied violet petals they put on top of Marron Glace), no wine but more like the typical fermented aroma of the "must" (again sweet). Oud? well, ohm...uhm..ohhh..naaa (?!?!???). There's surely something resinous and woody during the drydown but I probably wouldn't call it oud. Bay Leaf? There's an aromatic, slightly pungent note that works like an ultrasonic whisper...could it be the Laurel? If it's the Bay Leaf it's nowhere similar to the real thing...Some generic parfumey things like mixed flowers (???) show up throughout. 

On top of all this you have to add a huge amount of weirdness provided by what to me are obscure ingredients. Pretty challenging indeed and not exactly what I usually define as "wearable", yet somehow intriguing. Anyone who tend to use the phrase "I never smelled something like this" too often, they should probably test Blask.

Rating: 8/10 (just because it's so daring)

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