ELDO Rien Intense Incense: Can you take a little more?

Two tiny spritz on my wrist and BAM! It immediately turned from *my sotd* to *the scent of the whole city*. The sky turned dark, thunders and lightning followed right away, people struggled at opening their umbrellas blown away by a scary wind. I've heard a couple of car crashes, ambulances, dogs hawling, people screaming. The Duomo's structural integrity weakened and then, the whole building collapsed. It was mayhem.


I mean, seriously, wow! This stuff's opening is really quite something. It's basically Rien amped up at the Nth-power (cough cough) and with an extra dose of...*something else*. Yes, it is obviously incensey but it's also very clean. There's a juxtaposition between the dirty vibe of the former Rien and something I would classify as *pure*. It might actually be the synergy between the extra dose of incense and the aldehydes. I'm still trying to figure it out but it's definitely something to experience. It made me smile but then I realized I was actually grinning.

Well, for the first 30 minutes it literally blew me away. Yes, I had to shout to communicate with anyone who was trying to interact with me because Rien Incense Intense was screaming all over the place but it was totally worth it.

Then, suddenly, the inner monster living inside this incarnation of Rien took a Xanax and fell asleep and all I was left with was my dear ol' Rien.

Now, I LOVE Rien to pieces but I'm still not sure RII is full bottle worthy for those who already own the original. With that said, if you don't own any version of Rien, go for this! Absolutely!!! It's everything you get from Rien plus an extra 30 minutes of unseen footage. 

Sillage: Choking
Longevity: Exhausting

Rating: 7/10

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