O'Driù Peety: I Will Piss You Off.

I'm leaning towards considering Peety, by far, the best fragrance by Pregoni. This is glorious!!!

The usual lemongrass-dark herbal-vanillish combo of O'Driù is joined by a "bearish" smell. Smells like a bear ... the opening is not as brutal as other previous Pregoni's fragrances. There's some Laurhum in it, some Lalfeogrigio and, yes, even some Leva but somwhat, smells different from any other O'Driù I experienced so far. It's like O'Driù remixed. The main hallmarks are there but they're assembled to result completely different from the original...

The remarkable animalic presence is not disturbing at all. It's a combination between amber
gris and castoreum to my nose even if I initially thought it was civet (hence the opening's bearish smell). It provides great warmness and depth and it's joined by rose, woods galore and a moderately sweet vanilla/tonka/cinnamon combo. There's an overall dryness provided by pepper and woods but the composition never walks the line of harshness. In fact, it's smooth and extremely refined while mantaining an overall assertive character.

There's nothing challenging about this fragrance if not the first couple of minutes of animalic-spicy blast. Composition-wise, I find it excellent and, honestly, I've never smelled something like it. There's a funny aspect going on during the evolution: The fragrance opens with a blast to soon settle down to a moderately powerful middle phase. When you're ready to think it's almost gone, it surprises you by starting to tremendously radiate. This final phase (which is the best part of the whole fragrace) goes on and on and on for several hours. The magic of synthetics. 


The *personalized* version, while showing some remarkable differences, at the same time it doesn't feel *radically* different. The fragrance still preserves a thick leathery-musky-balmy structure but the vanillla, after the initial blast, gets tamed down brutally leaving space to a nice appleish-cinnamon combo that while sounding gourmandish, it totally skips the edible aspect of the accord introducing a metallic, sort of nose-tingling vibe the drives the fragrance towards more modern territories. The interesting aspect is that, despite the slightly metallic accord, Peety still feels incredibly warm, subtly animalic and sort of visceral. Again, there's NOTHING challenging about this composition, in fact, is quite easy to like. What, IMO, really changes from the "standard" version is that the base is less woody, less peppery and more about a spicy floral musk combo. The woods get almost killed in the "augmented" version.

A funny thing I'd like to point out after several wearings is that Peety works subliminally. You think it's gone but then you get whiffs of its peculiar projection and this goes on and on and on...Projection! This is the point of stregth of this stuff. Don't get me wrong, Peety is not a projection monster (at least not after the first two hours or so) but I find it smelling a lot differently when smelled up close. This is a very well done fragrance but if smelled in projection, this stuff is killer. So unique. That's why I personally believe a paper strip test doesn't give justice to the composition.

In the end, I've to say that with or without the P, this is a top quality fragrance. Both the two versions are well worth experiencing if you're into original fragrances. Again, unique without being odd.

Rating: 8.5/10

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