Epice Marine: Hermessence And The Art Of Kidding Us All!

Epice Marine is as interesting as a fireworks show at noon. 

I'll probably find myself swimming against the stream here but, honestly, I don't think this is nowhere
close being a successful Ellena. 

Yet another iteration (micro-variation) on the Declaration theme. In a nutshell, considering how many times Mr.Ellenà proposed alternate versions of his popular composition, this would have been more appropriately labelled as Declaration V.87.4. It feels just like Apple that keeps on releasing basically the same devices with just a new (re-designed) knob. 

They squeazed this poor lemon till the very last drop. Give it a break. Eat a banana. 

So, part Declaration, part Voyage with the typical transparent facet of most Hermessences. This time it's something slightly salty, sort of calone-y. That's it. Smells ok (no more than that) but the big problem is it's neither as brilliant as Declaration, nor as honest as Voyage. It's totally lukewarm water sold at uber-fancy prices. 

You can build around Epice Marine as much conceptualism as you want but this is just Declaration V.87.4. 

I honestly expected everything except what I got. Which in this case doesn't mean surprise.  


Rating: 4.5/10

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