Comme Des Garcons Nicegreen: Blue Cedrat

Blue Cedrat is probably the most commercial delivery in the Blue Series (or whatever they call it) and, admittedly, I was ready to dismiss it and bash it right after my first test on paper because of the strongly generic opening. Fortunately, knowing that Comme Des Garcons is not new to tricky fragrances, I decided to give it a second chance by grabbing a sample…and I'm (partially) glad I did.

A full wearing revealed a simple yet quite evolving fragrance. The opening still strikes as extremely generic in its somewhat trite iteration of the woody-citrus accord but the composition quickly opened to a *majestic* angelica accord that felt almost astringent in its incredibly green nuances while a subtle rose oxyde note, provided the usual metallic facets of many CDGs. In this phase Blue Cedrat was very earthy, refreshing, dry and incredibly radiant but, something else was just about to happen…

A smooth, dry, woody-incensey note makes its appearance and joined by a massive vetiver base slowly takes over to give birth to what can be considered the real essence of Blue Cedrat. This is actually when I began questioning the fragrance again…

On one side, I loved that the fragrance had three distinct phases that alternated theirselves so smoothly and naturally generating quite some pathos. On the other hand, I'm getting a bit tired of dry woods. I've to say though, that no less than 3-4 years ago, I would have probably went completely head over heels for whatever fragrance playing a similar theme. Today, as a matter of fact, this is probably my least favorite in the new *Blue* trio but, at the same time, it's far from being unremarkable especially when it comes to the quality/price ratio. If one's into dry woods, green fragrances and vetiver, this is something worth checking out. No doubts.

This is what I expected from Amazingreen but it probably would have been more appropriately labelled as Nicegreen. I believe this is going to be the real *hit* as far as commercial potential. 

A few keywords: French Lover, Terre D'Hermes, L'Homme Infini, Anat Fritz Tzora, Kenzoair, Comme Des Garcons 3, Fleurs De Sel, Jardin Du Poete.

Rating: 6.5-7/10

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