Welcome Black, Comme Des Garcons!

Finally! By far the best Comme Des Garcons in years (if we exclude the magnificent EDP 2011 in the melted bottle). After disappointments such as Amazingreen which was anything but amazing and the new Play series (nice but IMO nowhere close to CDG's standards) finally something to rave about.

Probably not as arty as some of the house's most abstract offerings such as their Synthetic Series, Guerrilla 1, Stephen Jones or even Odeur 71 yet an incredibly accomplished composition I'd rank among their most commercial / versatile releases such as CDG2Man and Standard. A restrained concoction of unsweetened black licorice (not the anise-type), tar, pepper and the usual woody-incense which has now become the house's hallmark.

A tad of the sweetish iso-pepper-vetiver found in Kenzoair, the balmy-darkness of Black Tourmaline and the typical CDG's metropolitan and uber-modern twist is what comes to mind. Restrained yet striking, modern yet anything but dull, minimalistic yet not simplicistic.

Novel and accomplished while still resulting anything but odd. Extremely versatile and easy to wear. If I'd have to choose a signature, this would definitely be among the candidates.

Total endorsement.

A few words of caution: Longevity is average. Projection is below average. This is quite a skin scent and needs to be massively applied to be properly enjoyed.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Welcome Back, and thank you for your Welcome Black post!

    It's so nice to read you again, alfarom. ;-)

  2. I'm not a fan of CdG, but I need to try that after reading your post.
    I agree with Shera Pop: welcomw back Alfarom!

  3. Thank you guys, thanks for the kind words!

  4. Amazing review. Love your blog!
    I found Black just incredible! Although I would have wanted more projection...

  5. Thanks, Camigoo. I know what you mean but you can partially by-pass the projection issue by going very heavy on the trigger. This is still quite a close to the skin scent but you can achieve tremendous lasting power by overapplying, at least in my experience.

  6. Yes I agree, I've achieved great results with overapplying too.
    Do you currently have a top 10 to share?

    Best regards!

  7. I generally don't believe in top ten lists. It's fun to compile them but, in my experience, excluding some pillars, they change almost weekly depending on mood, season and several other aspect :)