Vero Profumo Mito: The myth of a timeless eternity!

In a world where niche firms introduce ten fragrances at once to impose their presence on the market, Vero Kern took the opposite direction. Three compositions in the last seven years (a total of six fragrances if we include the extrait versions launched in 2010) and now, after two  years, here's Mito.

When approaching Vero Profumo's fragrances for the first time, the main aspect that immediately results unquestionable is that certain people (no matter what they do) possesses the "special touch", just like if they were touched by the hands of god. Well, Vero Kern is surely among these people. She has the ability to create classics avoiding to fall into the copycat territory but, the most interesting aspect  is that she always enriches any of her fragrances with a a strong assertive character and, if you want, with a quirky twist. This is the hardest task of them all. Build an extremely solid line-up that continuely winks at classic perfumery but astutely skipping all the dogmas and stereotypes. There is a classicism inherent to every fragrance this woman delivered so far yet they're somewhat modern. Modern yes but, somewhat, as opposed to trendy, to pop.

Mito makes no exception. A blast of greenness introduced by galbanum, fizzy/juicy lemon and a strong leafy element that immediately reminds of lemongrass, green lime leaves, lemon peel and unripe fruits. The opening is by all means striking. Sous Le Vent is the first fragrance that comes to mind but, don't get me wrong, the two don't share many similarities, they simply move in the same green territory that will make the happiness of all those perfumistos that can't never get enough of the typical "oomph" of the most outstanding green compositions in history. An earthy note shows its presence right away joined by brilliant floral patterns (Hyacinth, White Magnolia Champaca, Jasmine). Said florals never become too prominent, they simply remark their presence with extremely elegant and sophisticated details. Everything is incredibly well blended and balanced to result astonishingly beatiful. A touch of sweetness serves to slightly smooth the overall srark vibe but , fortunately, it never deflects the fragrance from its assertive personality. An outdoorsy fragrance that smells of ancient gardens, countless green facets, mosses, secular cypresses, history. This is the smells of culture as opposed to the smell of supericial fashion. A timeless classic, a mandatory purchase.

As someone else said before me "These things don't happen by accident, but only as the work of a genius". No doubts, Mito and Vero Kern are the proof that modern perfumery is not dead.

Rating: 8.5-9/10

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