Comme Des Garcons Amazingreen: Amazing Fail!

It seems like CDG is traying to desperately go mainstream which, to me, means everything but good news...

I'm an hardcore CDG fan but Amazingreen is probably the most disappointing delivery in their "ovaloid bottles series" since 8.88. The fragrance strikes as incredibly safe and modern (in the uninspiring and uninteresting meaning of the words), green and kinda watery with loads of woody amber. It opens peppery and fizzy with a huge dose of calone, just vile.  The drydown is slightly better. Some vetiver, woods and a slightly pungent undertone which I guess being what they call gunpowder. Nice yet incredibly far from being groundbreaking or even attention worthy...

Personally I wasn't expecting something weird or even avant-garde but just a solid mainstream release a-la CDG2Man. It was about time to get a new blockbuster from Comme Des Garcons but, IMO, Amazingreen is very far from being a valid candidate.

An epic fail.

Rating: 4/10

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