O'Driù Lalfeorosa: Future Retro.

Another outstanding delivery from O'Driù. 

If you're getting sick of beautiful and catchy top notes evolving into synthetic and predictable drydowns, O'Driù is well worth checking out. In this context, among the newest brands,the italian firm has one of the most solid ranges available on the market. Ok, their fragrances are surely not the most easily approachable around and (may) need some wearings to be fully understood and appreciated but, once you've become familiar with the house challenging herbal signature, you'll be redy to discover some truly amazing compositions.

Lalfeorosa could make a perfect place to start exploring this wonderful range being, IMO, one of Pregoni's easiest to like deliveries. The usual culinary, sort of apothekary opening is toned down to quickly reveal a mindblowing drydown of spicy floral patterns (mainly rose and jasmine) and sweetish/balsamic elements such as tonka, vanilla and patchouli. Smooth yet incredibly rich, warm and extremely well balanced. A wower.

For several reasons, Lalfeorosa made me think about the most classic Guerlains (ok, I said it). Don't get me wrong, the fragrance doesn't share many objective similarities with the french firm but, at the same time, it shows the same solidity and overall top quality of ingredients. It's classic yet incredibly innovative and, most of all, when they do it right, there's no match for anyone else...

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Thanks, alfarom. This sounds great. Plus the bottle is absolutely gorgeous and can be displayed without degrading the perfume inside! (-;

  2. Considering the price tag, you really don't want to like it, believe me :)