Etat Libre D'Orange Philippine Houseboy: much ado about nothing.

If for several aspects, Eldo's choices when it comes to marketing, may result silly, immotivately provocative and even a tad puerile, on the other hand I find their playfulness to be somehow refreshing and uplifting in a sector that is taking itself too seriously. In front of pompous brands clamining mythical historical heritages, high-sounding names and immotivaded promises of exclusivity, I prefer Eldo's almost situationists approach hands down.

That being said, this time I'm not convinced. Philippine Houseboy (aka Fils De Dieu, Dur Riz et Des Agrumes) is an average quality spicy oriental with no particular twists. It opens with a slightly dissonant accord of citruses and vanilla to turn quickly into a creamy yet moderately sweet spicy-vanillic base with an overal coconut vibe. Bad? Not really but way too far from Eldo's countless outstanding deliveries...

Rating: 6/10


  1. I agree with you alfarom, this one's really average. But i can't wait for their next "celebrity" perfume, a collaboration with transgender artist MX Justin Vivian Bond.

  2. They always gave their best with celebrity frags...Like This and Rossy De Palma are really fine scents.