O'Driù LONDA 1005: Like It or Lump It!

I'm coming to the conlcusion that Mr.Pregoni is the master of the openings! Most of his compositions opens just like a whole opera played in a few minutes. While all this may sound a bit overwhelming and confusing, let me reassure you that everyhting it's incredibly detailed and clear and happens so naturally. Londa 1005 makes no exceptions.

If the name Londa 1005 (which stays for italian L'Onda - The Wave) together with the presence of "salty notes" make you think about an aquatic fragrance, be advised that there's nothing marine/ozonic/ oceanic here, in fact the fragrance opens with a blast of challenging herbs and spices (sage, cumin, pepper and others) paired with a bizarre pine/mint accord and joined by strong, astringent, sort of bitter-and-smoky notes. The house signature is clear and works just like a warning: "We're O'Driù, like it or lump it".

The overall sweaty/animalic vibe is immediately softened by aromatic citruses and other fizzy notes such as lemongrass and ginger that while blending perfectly with the pepper/mint/pine accord, drive the fragrance towards balsamic territories. In this phase there's something that may vaguely remind of Villoresi's Piper Nigrum but don't let this mislead you: Londa 1005 is one of a kind.

All of the above happens in a few minutes and, as I previously said, it's incredibly plausible and natural. It's like taking a thrilling ride on one of those winding slides at the water park. You're shaked, amazed and thrilled to then jump into a refreshing finale into the water.

After the opening, a salty/woody/vetiver base surrounded by the usual amount of herbs and spices, starts to break-in while coniferous notes and lemongrass settle down and serve as necessary refinements. A remarkable musky quality provides some mistery. No sweetness detected throughout. Once again, Londa 1005 is not something for everyone but, If compared to other deliveries from this house, this is surely among the most easily approachable. This is not to say that it's simpler (because it's anything but), but slightly more "familiar".

Let's make it simple: a terrific take on vetiver.

Wether you like it or not, I still think that Pregoni is one of the best things happened to perfumery in the past few years!

Rating: 8.5/10

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