Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan: Fecal Attraction

Please everybody forgive me but I don't get any fecal, sweat, rancid, camel-like, disgusting kind of thing here. It's surely not a clean musc in the opening and can result quite challenging to someone (a lot of civet and castoreum) but it's awesome. This is MUSC as it should be (at least IMO). Not too rough or rude but neither polite and surely fascinating. Maybe it's because I generally don't like white muscs but I can't find a single weird thing in MKK. I simply like it from the beginning to the very end. Unfortunately I don't know many people who would wear Muscs Koublai Khan on a regular basis and if I'll ever meet one I'll make everything is possible to become at least friends. In the drydown it turns to be a bit cleaner and sweeter (rose) with loads of animalic notes that make sure that the scent doesn't get too polite. I don't see any particular complexity here but a magistrally and superbly crafted "kinda rough" musc. And really, I don't understand the post-coitum / orgiastic thing. If you smell like this after you had sex I'm Koublai Khan.

Rating: 9.5/10


  1. Nice review haha.

    I agree it doesn't smell fecal or sexual.

  2. Thanks Saif...love the dishdasha BTW :)