Olivier Durbano Citrine: Yes Way

Considering how pretty much all of the others Durbano's creations range from being uninteresting to simply unpleasant (with the exception of Black Tourmaline) I was ready for another disappoinment but, Citrine smells good.

It opens with spicy-peppery notes joined by an huge amount of fizzy citruses. A remarkable resinous undertone is immediately detectable and opens the door to a consistent rosewood note that, IMO, is the true star of this composition. The myrrh, together with other woods get more prominent while slight flowery patterns add refinements and some complexity. In this phase Citrine is not very distant from an hypothetical mash-up between Keiko Mecheri's Olibanum and Comme Des Garcons Palisander. Amber remakrs its presence with a tad of sweetness, while hints of citruses provide sparkling undertones throughout.

Good stuff.

Rating: 8/10

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