Maison Francis Kurkdjian Absolue Pour Le Soir: Absolument Pour Le Soir

As Absolue Pour Le Soir touched my skin I immediately had a feeling of deja-vu. Something familiar but at the same time pleasing and intriguing. It took me a few more minutes to realize that the skanky/animalic opening of this composition bought to my mind of a sort of mash-up between Musc Ravageur and Muscs Koublai Khan. Don't get me wrong, Absolue Pour Le Soir is not exactly similar to either of the aforementioned fragrances but it surely shares with them the dirty-sexy vibe. It opens with a strong animalic note enriched by benzoin and cedarwood but where Musc Ravageur introduces lavender and turns really soon into a gourmandic spicy vanilla and Muscs Koublai Khan settles into a "cleaner" musky rose, this one stays pretty dark and mantains the intitial skunky vibe throughout. Honeyed rose and smoky frankincense make their appearance in the middle phase adding extra boldness and a dense syrupy aspect.

Overall I'd say that APLS represents a step forward among dark muscs and brings this kind of fragrances to a brand new level where the challenging animalic nuances are enriched by incredible refinements and details. Not for everybody, but if you think MKK is too challenging/rough and Musc Ravageur turns too soon into a gourmandic vanilla, Absolue Pour Le Soir could be a valid option, if not a step forward. Personally I rank it among my favorite compositions in its genre.

Rating: 9/10

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