Les Nez L'Antimatiere: Scented Antiparticles

Intriguing name + intriguing concept + experimental fragrance + talented perfumer...what you'd expect? I was ready for a big disappointment but I had (somehow) to change my mind.

L'Antimatiere opens with an almost disturbing blast of pure alcohol (maybe due to the lack of top notes) that quickly evolves in a bizarre mash-up between a sort of "unscented lipstick" note and slightly sweet sawdust. In this phase the fragrance is barely perceptible yet not very pleasant. After an hour or so, something starts to change and you realize that ambergis is clearly playing its main role giving the fragrance a sense. This is the best part where L'Antimatiere claims your attention with its subtle "musky" charm. This effect is going to last for many hours as this composition is barely perceptible but very tenacious.

Overall L'Antimatiere is more of a smell than a proper fragrance. It reminds me of the good smell of unscented skin that only some people have. Subtile, almost undetectable but unique and fascinating. Now, my point is this: who would spend money on a pricey fragrance just to smell pleasantly unscented?

I can't say I don't like this composition but "the experiment", IMO, it's only partially successful but this is still something to experience. 

Lasting Power: more than 8 hrs

Sillage: Well, while someone says this fragrance stays close to the skin I more believe L'Antimatiere to have a "bizarre" sillage. You think nobody will notice it, instead everybody think "you-smell-good-even-when-you-don't-wear-a-fragrance".

Rating: 7/10

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