Histoires De Parfums 1740 (Marquis De Sade): Love Crimes

I've to be honest, I expected something more challenging, or maybe I should say I expected something different. Don't get me wrong, this is an AMAZING juice but considering the concept and the inspiration behind 1740, I was ready for a stark, austere leather concoction. Instead 1740 is quite an easy wear. An extremely pleasant sweet pipe tobacco fragrance enriched by a very classic leather accord and a bold immortelle note. Sublime, well crafted and endlessly wearable but very far from the sadistic imaginary evoked by De Sade. In the end we shouldn't forget that the term "sadism" has its roots in the marquis's name and 1740 evokes everything but sadism.

On the other hand, if you think about De Sade as a character devoted to libertinism, decadent luxury, sinful behaviours and extreme lasciviousness, 1740 perfectly fits the bill.

That being said, 1740 settles at the top of luxurious masculine fragrances as one of the most fitting examples of "pure pleasure". It's not so easy to find a masterpiece in contemporary perfumery but if I'd have to chose one to present as a candidate I'd go for 1740. Incredible sillage and lasting power (almost 24hrs on my skin).

Rating: 9-9.5/10


  1. Its very nice but sadly I cannot digest the copious amounts of immortelle used. Although the cardamom accord is very nice.

  2. Right, in order to really appreciate it, you've to be fine with a massive amount of immortelle. That's a necessary condition.

  3. Want it a lot! Didn't have the opportunity to test it but one of those which I would blindly buy!